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Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Khodawandpur, Begusarai has been established on 30th August, 1992 vide letter no 3-2/92 KVK date 30.03.1992 of ICAR, New Delhi. This KVK is situated 40 Km away from district head quarter in north on SH-55. Since inception this KVK is doing work in the interest and benefit of farming community with following objectives :

  1. To promptly demonstrate the latest technologies to the farmers as well as extension workers of the District Agriculture Department and allied to reduce the gap between the technology generation and its adoption.
  2. To identify the technological and training needs of the farming community of the operational area. This may be carried out with the help of Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) tools of connecting scientist survey, group interview and personal visit.
  3. To test and verify the technologies in the farmers socio-economic conditions to study the production constraints and to modify the technologies to make them appropriate as well as to demonstrate the potentialities Of various technologies which is recommended for their adoption in maximizing yield/income per unit of time and area under different resource conservation.
  4. To impart training to the practicing farmers/farm women, rural youths and field level extension functionaries by following the method of “Teaching by doing” and learning by doing”.
  5. To back-up training and communication support to the district level development departments in their extension programmes and to develop and maintain functional relationship with the allied institutions.
  6. To develop extension models to be adopted by general extension system for large scale multiplication.
  7. To get first hand scientific feedback for the fields and passing it to the research system in order to keep the scientists abreast with the performance of the technologies and the farming problems.
  8. To improve agricultural mechanization for entrepreneurship development in the field of agriculture and allied through transfer of economically viable and environmentally sound technologies.
  9. To develop and maintain campus farms and demonstration units on scientific lines.
  10. To compile all relevant recommendation/package of practices for the district to be meaningfully utilized in the training programme and the follow-up extension activities.

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सफलतम कहानी

Integrated Farming System Is Sustainable & Gives Profit

Sri Jai Shankar Kumar, Village – Tetari, Block- Dandari, Begusarai, aged 48 years, is a progressive and innovative farmer and is a post graduate (chemistry). Total cultivable land available with the family is approximately 4 ha. Earlier, he used to grow conventional crops like rice, maize, wheat as well as coarse grains, but the low monetary returns induced his family to search options for better returns.

Jai Shankar attended various trainings/ awareness programmes/camps and interacted with the scientists of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Begusarai. He was convinced by Integrated Farming System to address his problem. He integrated with technical backstopping of KVK on Fishery, horticulture, animal husbandary, vermi-compost, birds rearing and agronomical crops under Integrated Farming line. He established a fish pond over an area of about 0.5 ha. In same pond, he is also doing pearl farming in fresh water. Looking at his interest and dedication in vermi-compost production, Department of Agriculture, Govt. of Bihar provided him financial support in tune of Rs. 25 Lakh for large scale vermi-compost production and he is currently producing more than 3000 Metric tons of vermi-compost per annum. Besides, Department of Horticulture supported him with poly house and other inputs for off season vegetable cultivation and raising of seedlings for early supply in the market. Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Begusarai, supported him technically in all his endeavors. Scientists of KVK, Begusarai give suggestion for improvement and up gradation of his IFS model.

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